Domestic and Commercial Water Treatment

Founded in 1859 Aqua Cure PLC is one of the UK 's largest suppliers of water filtration, purification and treatment systems. The company's headquarters are located in Southport , and we have extensive facilities for manufacturing and assembling, as well as supplying parts and components for most known systems. British owned and independent, we offer an extensive range of both branded and OEM products. Our reputation has been built on customer satisfaction with our products and after-sales service.

Our products range from domestic water filters to purpose designed and engineered treatment plants. Recently, the company has devoted a great deal of energy to the domestic water market, with the development of the Water Gem®, Aqua Dosa® range, the Power Gem® and new Reverse Osmosis systems. We have also launched products to cater to specific markets such Scalgard Pro and BanHard to the catering trade, as well as to the aquarium hobbyist with the AQUAtique range

The domestic products include the Water Gem and Water Perfect filter systems.

Please find below a table of some of our products, click on the image to be taken to the relevant part of our website, or mail our Consumer Sales team on , or

The Water Gem:

One of our best selling products designed to eliminate chemical based taste/odour. This product has featured in our “most popular items” list for many years and can be used in the house or caravan/mobile home.

Water Softeners & Salt:

The most successful way to removing unwanted calcium from your water supply, prolonging the life of domestic appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers. Available in various sizes to suit all households and demands, easy to maintain with regular salt tank top ups. Most units will fit under standard domestic sinks, or stand tidily in a utility room.

We are able to supply tablet and granular salt, the latter of which can be used in dishwashers as well.

Softener Mate & Rust Out

A new product developed by Aqua Cure for use in Softener resin beds, to help remove any Iron, dirt, silt, organics and biofilms that may not be removed by the salt solution alone.

For older resin beds, or for heavier Iron fouling, use Rust Out.

Reverse Osmosis:

Here at Aqua Cure we manufacture and supply a wide range of RO systems, designed to give you the best possible level of water purification for home use be it for drinking, aquatic or specialist plant care.

The Power Gem:

This electronic water conditioner simply wraps around standard 15mm copper pipe to create an electromagnetic field which alters the Calcium in the water, preventing new scale build up. Can be used to help descale entire systems.

Aqua Dosa:

Our own range of sanitising fluids can be used in a wide range of applications, from spray bottles to wipes, or even added to still/running water systems to help combat e-coli and other bacteria. Available in 100ml, 1 litre or 5 litre bottles, as well as in a tub of 100 or 200 wipes.

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The perfect solution to the inconvenience of filling bottles to go in a fridge. These compact units can be used to chill mains water, or in conjunction with an in line filter. These units come as floor standing, table top or under sink units.

Our range of Hydro + filters will work as a great partner to this range of stylish water chillers.

Taps & Fittings:

Catering for either vending or domestic use, we are able to supply a wide range of taps and fittings that give that special touch to your installation.


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