Animal Antics

Established since 1999 in the heart of Ormskirk, Steve and Sue are able to satisfy all the needs of the discerning pet owner.

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They stock a wide range of tropical and coldwater fish and all accessories including aquariums, fish feed, ornaments and foliage.
They also have small animals - hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits in a variety of breeds, small reptiles and small birds.
They pride themselves on their help and advice and even have a range of specialist books to help you keep your pets in tip-top condition.

Cat and dog owners are well-catered for with feeds of all types, from suppliers such as Nutro and Autarky, including bulk supplies of dog food offered with a free delivery service locally.

There is a massive range of leads and collars to suit all breeds and a range of coats to keep the chill off your favourite companion. There are also toys and treats for your cats and dogs making ideal gifts to stave off boredom.


Beds and bedding are also available - from straw and sawdust to cat and dog beds.
The health of your pet is important so Steve and Sue stock a range of supplements, vitamins and flea and tic treatments - please feel free to drop in and ask for advice.

Natural Choice® Cat Products
Naturally Great Taste.
Complete Care is the only all natural cat food that provides everything your cat needs in one bag. It's a great tasting cat food that offers the optimum combination of premium ingredients and scientific research to provide complete care for your cat.
It helps reduce hairballs and litter box odour, while also benefiting dental health, the digestive and immune systems, and the skin and coat of your cat. Complete Care represents the very best in feline nutritional solutions, improving the quality of life for your cat and you.



The Working Dog Food Company who make Autarky has formulated three different life stage rations to the exact requirement of working dog breed.

Quality has always been a top priority, as evident in the formulations of all Autarky formulas using unique herbal mixes with green leaf vegetables and carrots. Naturally preserved ingredients are used which are wheat gluten free and G.M. free to form one of the best working dog foods available today.


9.00am - 5.30pm Monday - Saturday



Animal Antics
32 Burscough Street
L39 2ES
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